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Towards a human-centered twin transition through systems change

We are an independent consulting company providing public and private sector clients with solutions for “Policy and Regulation”, “Strategy and Business”, “Monitoring and Evaluation” and "Funding and Networking" across four priority sectors: "Agriculture and Food", "Environment and Climate", "Digital Economy" and "Urban and Rural Development". 

Our Services

  • Policy Analysis
    We provide in-depth evaluations of existing and proposed policies. Employing a blend of quantitative and qualitative research methods, we explore the complexities of policy frameworks, assessing their potential impacts and effectiveness. Our team of experts is skilled at navigating challenging regulatory environments, offering insights that help shape well-informed and evidence-based policies.
  • Applied Research
    Οur applied research service addresses the complexities of social, environmental and sector-specific issues. By combining both quantitative and qualitative research methods, we offer insights that lead to effective and sustainable solutions. Our team excels in conducting thorough literature reviews and detailed environmental and social indicator analysis, delivering a comprehensive understanding crucial for impactful decision-making.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
    Our monitoring and evaluation service delivers ongoing assessment and critical analysis of projects and programs. We apply creative methodologies and metrics to evaluate performance, impact, and sustainability. We underscore the importance of data-driven insights to inform strategic adjustments, ensuring that your initiatives are aligned with their intended goals.
  • Project Management
    We guide your projects from conception to completion with precision and efficiency. Our approach combines thorough planning, robust risk management, and agile execution. We focus on delivering projects that meet your strategic objectives, ensuring optimal resource allocation and timeline adherence. Our team brings a wealth of experience in managing diverse projects, prioritizing clear communication, stakeholder engagement, and adaptive problem-solving to navigate challenges effectively.
  • Planning and Strategy
    Our service in planning and strategy is designed to align your organisation’s structure and processes with its strategic vision. We provide comprehensive support in developing and implementing effective strategies that drive growth, sustainability and innovation. We focus on building organisational resilience, fostering a culture that embraces change, and ensuring that your strategic objectives are clearly articulated and attainable.
  • Capacity Building
    We offer tailored training programs, workshops, and mentoring initiatives designed to empower your team. Our approach is focused on fostering a learning culture, enhancing leadership capabilities, and equipping your staff with the tools they need to excel. We believe in building internal capacities that drive long-term growth and adaptability.
  • EU Funding
    Navigating the complexities of EU funding is one of our key services. We specialise in identifying appropriate funding opportunities, preparing compelling applications, and managing grant processes. Our expertise encompasses a thorough understanding of EU funding mechanisms and criteria, ensuring that your proposals stand out. We also provide support in compliance and reporting, ensuring that funded projects are executed effectively and in alignment with EU regulations.
  • Building Partnerships
    We understand the power of collaboration in achieving shared goals. Our service in building partnerships focuses on creating and nurturing strategic alliances that amplify your impact. We assist in identifying potential partners, facilitating meaningful connections, and developing collaborative frameworks at EU and national level. Our goal is to establish partnerships that are mutually beneficial, sustainable, and aligned with your strategic objectives.


Our Services

We are an independent consulting company with a focus on research, policy analysis, evaluation and funding support. We deliver solutions in key sectors such as Agriculture and Food, Environment and Climate, Digital Economy, as well as Urban and Rural Development.

Our team of experts possesses extensive experience in public policy, public administration, evaluation, research, and project management across a wide range of areas related to both the green and digital transitions, including but not limited to sustainable and resilient agri-food systems, climate action, protecting nature, eco-friendly technology and digital adoption, urban and rural development. 

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